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Nappy Cakes Loyalty Rewards - Cupcake Credits, Earn loyalt points while you spend!


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At www.nappycakes.ie we are dedicated to bringing you a unique variety of gifts for new mums, new dads and new babies!

We offer a personal friendly service and are committed to providing our customers with a positive online shopping experience which to date has seen us build a steady word of mouth business and a loyal customer base. Most of our customers come back and shop with us again and again and again...

We now have another reason for you to keep shopping with us! We are proud to be Ireland's only nappy cake company offering you rewards for sending our gifts...the more you shop with us the more we will reward you!

It is a 'thank you' to our loyal customers and a reminder to us that without you there is no reason for us to create!


Q. How does it work?
A. Every gift that is handmade by us (e.g. nappy cakes, baby bouquets, baby gift baskets etc.) will have the number of loyalty 'cupcake credits' you will earn displayed just below the price of the item. You will receive one cupcake credit for every Euro spent. Once your order has been dispatched we will allocate your cupcake credits to your account.

Q. How do I keep track of how many cupcake credits I have in my account?
A. We keep track of everything for you! It is really that easy! Within 24 hours of your order being sent you will receive an e-mail from us showing that the cupcake credits have been allocated to your account.
Q. How do I redeem my 'cupcake credits'?
A. Just e-mail us a redemption request for the number of cupcake credits you want to redeem and let us know which gift item you wish to purchase. We will invoice you to reflect the discount on the purchase of any of our handmade gifts.

Q. How many cupcake credits do I need to accumulate before I can redeem them?
A. You must accumulate a minimum of 100 cupcake credits which will be converted to a 10 discount off your next purchase of our handmade gifts. Of course you can keep accumulating your cupcake credits and use them for a larger discount at any time. Every time order with us you will automatically receive an e-mail from us letting you know what how many cupcake credits you currently have in your account.

Q. Are there any items that I will not receive cupcake credits for?
A. Cupcake credits will only be allocated on gifts we hand make ourselves. Cupcake credits will not be allocated for any money received for shipping. If in doubt check under the price of each item. Any goods that qualify for cupcake credits will have the amount of credits awarded to that purchase directly under the price. If you don't see any cupcake credits then that item does not qualify for them.

Q. How do I start accumulating 'cupcake credits'?
A.  Simple...just start shopping! A new account will be automatically created for all new customers when you place your first order.

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